ODH Churches

Bois de Lance (North Region)

(Haiti Ministry Headquarters)

Bois de Lance serves as the ODH Ministry Headquarters in Haiti. In this village of about 22,000 people, Open Door Haiti was birthed with Pastor Wiljean planting ODH’s first church in 1993. Thousands of lives have been changed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of this church. And now NEW Churches are being planted yearly. We believe that all of our ODH churches are good soil to sow into and we hope that you will prayerfully consider supporting one of the churches below by clicking on the “Support This Cause” at the bottom of the page. Your love gift will help support our pastors, plant NEW churches, grow ministry outreach as well as build facilities. You can help make a difference in the lives of so many Haitian people with your generous gift today!

Churches in North Region of Haiti


Bois de Lance Church

Open Door Bois de Lance Church (founded in 1993)
Pastor Wiljean Compere, Associate Pastors Peter Delius and Delince Augustin


Open Door Cap Haitien Church (founded in 2005)
Pastor Wiljean Compere, Associate Pastors

As Open Door In Bois de Lance began to have more and more young people from the village moving into the city for school or employment opportunities, Pastor Wiljean felt led by God to begin a second church in Cap Haitien to meet the growing needs of the city of 250,000 people.  Open Door Cap Haitien now has almost 1,200 people attending the two Sunday morning services in their 25×60 facility, with overflow spilling out onto the street.


Open Door Vaudreuil Church (founded in 2014)

Located just outside of Cap Haitien, Vaudreuil is the home of one of our newest church plants. They are currently meeting in a gutted home and already have about 100 people attending. God is changing lives and growing the Kingdom through the people of this great church.

Churches in North East Region of Haiti

Open Door Ouanaminthe Church (founded 2011)

Planted in 2011, Ouanaminthe is another growing church in the ODH family. They have recently bought a building for the church and are seeing many lives changed through the preaching of the cross.


Churches in the Hinche Area

Open Door Lacienne Church (founded 2008)
Pastor Oclane Onesias (who is a Graduate of our SOYM program)


Open Door Lacienne Church

This is the area where Pastor Wiljean grew up. And after frequent mission trips by Open Door Bois de Lance and Open Door Cap Haitien to evangelize this village, the vision was born to begin a church there as well. In August of 2008, Open Door Hinche was born.  The church has quickly grown, with over 400 members now attending. They have now built their own church building, christian school as well as a mission house on Pastor Wiljean’s family land, which he has donated to the church.  God is doing great things through this church!


Open Door Maguayave Church (founded 2012)

Maguayave is our most remote mountain Church. About a 2 hour hike up a mountain on a path that only people and animals can climb. This church was planted by the Lacienne Church after several people from the mountain village had accepted Jesus Christ and were walking down the mountain every Sunday to attend church in Lacienne. Of the 800 people living in the village of Maguayave, 300 are now attending the only church the village has to offer. A church building has now been built and they have also started a school with about 100 children enrolled.


Open Door Fontaine Church (founded 2014)

Our Maguayave Church, after their 2nd year anniversary planted the church in Fontaine. God is blessing this new church as many are hearing the good news of the Gospel for the first time and new converts are being added to the Kingdom.


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