Well Project

Water is an essential part of life. No one should ever be without daily access to clean drinking water. In Bois de Lance, a rural village in Haiti, about 25,000 residents rely on a small river that flows down from the mountains. All too often, the water upstream becomes contaminated before the residents in the valley have a chance to utilize it. This forces villagers to either go without water or walk miles in search of clean water, then make the walk back to their homes carrying several pounds of water. With your help we can help bring clean water to Bois de Lance!

With the help of some ministry friends, Open Door Haiti has developed a “Well Project” to help the people of Bois de Lance, Haiti. The cost of installing a well that will provide clean water to hundreds of people, is only $3,700. We would like to challenge our partners and friends to see if we can raise enough money for 5 wells by the end of 2014. Also know that this project not only aims to provide clean drinking water, but it also creates jobs. It creates jobs for the people who will dig and install all the components of the well. We hope that you will consider helping those in need with a resource that no one can live without, fresh, clean WATER!


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