The beautiful campus of Open Door Bible Seminary (ODBS) is located in Bois de Lance, Haiti and is a 4 year accredited Bible College through the Haitian Government. Students who successfully complete the program, receive a Bachelor's of Biblical Theology Degree.

ODBS was a dream of Pastor Wiljean's for many years, and that dream has now become a reality. Already, dozens of students have graduated and are now either Pastoring or serving as an Associate Pastor in one of our Open Door Haiti Church plants. In fact, of our 30+ churches acrossed Haiti, all of our Pastor's are now either a graduate or a student at ODBS.

Under the leadership of President Wiljean Compere, Vice President Wil Jerry Compere and our Academic Dean of Student's Dr. Jean Alix Pierre, and a host of gifted Professors, Teachers and Administrative Staff, ODBS has grown from a small School of Youth Ministry (SOYM) into a Bible Seminary that is equipping and training Pastors and leaders to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Haiti.

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The students of ODBS are not only taught biblical doctrine and theology, but they are also given practical ministry skills as well as mentoring in leadership development.

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